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Jackson Bates

Testing Forestry

Testing Forestry #

I've been wanting to write more, but find the need to use my laptop too cumbersome to bother with most of the time.

I wondered how it would be possible to write this blog from my mobile. It's a Jekyll site hosted via github pages, so obviously there's no CMS editor to work with. I toyed with the idea of editing raw files in GitHub, but quickly decided against.

There are some solutions available, though.

My first attempt was with an open source tool called That offers a web editor, but I found it clunky to us on mobile.

For some reason I couldn't uncover, it also wouldn't let me save my completed post...

So my second attempt, this one, is authored with Forestry. This one has a cleaner editor, and was clearly made with mobile in mind.

So far, it seems very decent, but I've noticed that two builds failed while I was writing... Presumably that was my front-matter configuration commits.

It will remain to be seen as to whether or not this deploys without incident...