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Jackson Bates


  1. ChatGPT as a GROW coaching facilitator
  2. Testing Tina
  3. No Maths? No Problem!
  4. The Case of the Missing File
  5. CRACO Storybook sagas continue
  6. The Twitter Exit Strategy
  7. Storybook Create React App Failure After Upgrade
  8. Command Line Yak Shaving
  9. Testing Forestry
  10. Hacking an Optus Sagemcom F@ST3864V2 router to change DNS settings
  11. Unhelpful Laravel Bug | Undefined offset: 0
  12. How to find a mentor
  13. What Running Taught Me About Persistence and Programming
  14. How to Restart Tinker
  15. How to Orient Yourself in Legacy Codebases
  16. How to Add Reading Time to Jekyll
  17. Creativity Wants Constraints
  18. Ensuring Code Quality as a Solo Dev
  19. The Case of the Spontaneous Data
  20. The Case of the Missing Migrations
  21. Fixing AntD CSS Module Imports in Create React App with CRACO
  22. Succeeding in Your First Dev Role
  23. Switching Careers and Becoming a Programmer
  24. Setting Cannonical Urls for Your Poole / Jekyll Blog
  25. setState wasn't working - annoying bug postmortem!
  26. 2018 in Review
  27. A simple color generator
  28. Overcoming a Gitlab Pipeline Failure
  29. Learn Github Pull Requests By Playing This Game
  30. Some Thoughts on Design
  31. How to Help Beginning Coders
  32. Why and How I Delete My Tweets After 10 Days
  33. What I learned writing 6 functions that all do the same thing
  34. Setting up a simple testing suite
  35. Getting Started With Passwordless Authentication