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Jackson Bates

Testing Tina

This is a test post from TinaCMS.

I've ported the content of my previous Jekyll blog over to Eleventy, motivated by the sunsetting of, the predecessor to TinaCMS.

It's a shame. I really liked Forestry, but I can understand them not wanting to continue supporting their old product when Tina is more aligned with what seems to be a good bet on the future of static site generation in the not too distant future (i.e. NextJS).

I didn't want to go down the Next route for this blog, and was having trouble porting the Jekyll site. I already have another side project running with Eleventy and TinaCMS, so it made sense to make the tech stack for this one identical.

Hopefully this post makes it online with no dramas, and doesn't flood any RSS readers (which I very much doubt I have).